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The quality of survival, to the credibility of development

Xingtai Baishangde Nail Co., Ltd. (formerly Shunxing Huawei Wire Drawing Nail Factory) was founded in 2001. It is located in the industrial zone of Weizhuang Town, the base of the northern nail industry. . The company covers an area of 60,000 square meters, and has a complete set of wire drawing, nail making, cooling, wire rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment and other total assets of 120 million yuan. It has more than 800 employees and produces 28,000 tons of various steel nails annually.

China Steel News: February 27th Steel Information Briefing

The daily output of crude steel fell for 30 consecutive days and hit a new low in nearly a year

The Development and Reform Commission wrote an article explaining the current macro-control situation and work priorities

The "Economic Daily" published here today published an article entitled "Current Macro-Control Situation
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